Have the confidence to move ahead when you are clear about your needs and the options that will meet your goals.


Educational Planning

Families looking for the best fit options for a child's K-12 school placement, enrichment options and social and emotional support can find the collaboration and guidance to create a balance that works. The voice of the student leads the way as long as we listen to it and embrace potential.

Educational Planning for Families

Project Management

Schools continuously strive to improve their processes and systems to better meet the needs of students and families but often don't have enough staff to take on additional deadline-oriented responsibilities. Collaborative educational project management can help schools reach strategic goals. Whether it's a technology systems implementation, marketing & communications projects, admissions process analysis, or policy updates, we can help.

Project Management for Schools

Parent Education

Looking to expand your community's discussion about parenting in the digital age?  Our presentation on "Purposeful Parenting in the Digital Neighborhood" may be just the way to approach this essential and ongoing conversation for your school or community group.

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