Careful listening, tailored planning.


Clarity Educational Consulting will provide an in-depth review of testing, school reports, neuropsychological evaluations, and any other documents you feel are relevant to your child's education and placement. I work with many different kinds of families, including those with children who have high potential in one or more areas of their intellectual or creative lives. Together we find the best-fit environments in which to develop these areas while still progressing in all areas oflearning and social development.


Your child is unhappy at school but you don't know why.  Perhaps you recently received the results of an evaluation and are confused about what it means or what you should expect from your child's school.  Or you just want to talk with a neutral, experienced educator to get a read on your child's situation or needs. I can be the thought-partner you need to process your child's educational history, current situation, any evaluations that may have been done - or should be done - and provide the reflective listening, brainstorming, resources and recommendations that will help you feel that you are equipped to provide the guidance and advocacy your child needs from you.

Private School Planning

The private school admissions process can be daunting. I can help you clarify your goals and provide direction for your day or boarding school search.  I visit schools regularly and, with my professional admissions experience, am uniquely equipped to provide strategic advice on navigating the admissions process. Finding the best fit requires research, organization, communication, and honesty. I can tailor a plan to fit your family's needs to find the placement that will provide the opportunities for your child to thrive. 

Homeschool Transition Planning

Considering a transition to or from homeschooling? I can advise on the benefits, drawbacks, and resources for your homeschool plan and/or steps and recommendations for re-integrating into a school setting.