Important conversations start early.

Is your school community or parent organization looking for a way to start a practical conversation about kids and personal technology? Parents feel more equipped to have these conversations and develop household expectations when they understand how their own family goals intersect with kids and teens' developmental needs around technology and social-emotional growth. In a customized interactive parent education session, I help parents examine their families' technology culture, their children's digital world, and how to support healthy growth in a childhood surrounded by the technical, social, and emotional pressures of the digital age. Many of the problems kids face in today's tech-rich world are predictable because they are human problems; parents can benefit from hearing the stories of how others have handled similar situations and how to support kids' healthy tech choices. 

Recent events:

Touchstone Community School, Grafton, MA

Summit Montessori School, Framingham, MA

What people are saying:
"Thank you for last evening’s presentation. It was well organized, thought provoking, engaging, and very timely. Thank you for helping us to think about and address the many social media-related issues that our students and families will encounter in the future, if they are not already encountering them now!
One parent emailed me this morning to share that her 10 year-old daughter has been included in a texting group comprised of a few school friends. The daughter shared that it was a “really cool” idea, but that she’d have to ask her parents. (good) The parent reported that she could hear that her daughter was receiving texts as late as 9:30 pm.  The mom reported that she felt very supported by the tone of your talk (conversations and trust-building vs. restrictions and punishments). How timely!"
-- Martha Torrence, Head of School, Summit Montessori School

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