When you need someone who can step in, fit in,
and make it happen.

Managing change takes time, energy, and experience.
Sometimes you need a little help.

Small schools and non-profits are lean. It is how you succeed and provide great value.  But sometimes that can get in the way of meeting your strategic goals. You have the ideas to make your mission come alive but not enough experienced senior-level leaders to make it happen while you also keep operations running smoothly.

I have managed projects for small schools and non-profits in the areas of systems implementation, policy and procedure development, outreach, website upgrades/redesigns, event planning, and process improvements. I work closely with the Head of School, Executive Director, or Department Head to assess needs, workflow, timelines and coordinate resources and budgets. I specialize in quickly reading the culture of your organization to help you move from idea to plan to action. If you don't have someone in your school or organization that can oversee another project right now, I may be able to help.

  • Student information system transitions
  • Workflow analysis and retraining
  • School policy development
  • Admissions funnel analysis
  • Auxiliary revenue project development
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Parent and alumni engagement