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Kathy has an incredible understanding of our son’s strengths, interests, and needs and has a keen ability to judge the best fit for kids and families. She can guide decisions for many types of students, as her expertise spans traditional, special needs and gifted programs. Kathy offers a very individualized, whole-child approach to help identify the best school environment for students academically, emotionally and socially. She is a wonderful educational resource and is very knowledgable about many summer programs, too!
— Parent
Kathy was fundamental in helping the faculty identify our abstract conceptual goals, whether it was for curriculum, problem-solving, community-building, or parent communication, and guiding us to establish an explicit multi-step process in which we could achieve those goals.
— J.L., Teacher
During our school search for our daughter, Kathy helped us think through the considerations that were most important for our daughter as a learner and for us as a whole family. Kathy shared her knowledge of schools to help us understand our priorities relative to their programs, which enabled us to focus our search and eventually led us to enroll in the wonderful school where both of our kids now thrive.
— Julie S., Parent
As a child and adolescent psychologist, it’s been my pleasure to collaborate with Kathy, both in an independent school setting and in her role as an educational consultant. Brainstorming with her, on the ground, about how to best meet the needs of a student in the community where we were both involved, gave me a clear picture of both her knowledge base and her ability to think empathically about kids. Now, when I am struggling to help a family make the right provision for their child’s educational needs, I turn confidently to Kathy to shepherd them through this often-challenging process, knowing they will come out with a successful school fit.
— David A. Whelan, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist,
Private Practice;
Former Clinic Director,
Think:Kids at MGH